5 July 2017, 9 am

Dear Jammers,

Thank you for spending 7 hours with us and participating in this joint exercise of co-creating a cultural scenario.

Culture Action Europe (CAE) initiated discussion process among cultural operators to contribute to a vision guiding us into a sustainable future of the European project. We are reaching out, taking pulse of the cultural sector from Europe and beyond to collectively shape a cultural scenario. Hub meetings, complemented by this online Jamm’Europe session closes the first phase of Culture Action Europe's #EuropeofCulture journey. We will now collect all your inputs and draft a joint manifesto that will be shared with you and opened for comments.

Five questions of the Jamm’Europe will still be open for comments until 12 July. If you haven’t had the chance to join us live, you can still post your thoughts.

We’d really like to thank you for your time, for your ideas and for your passion in sharing your views. But, most of all, we want to thank you for caring enough to be with us in this adventure.

In the meantime, we hope you find the time, the space, the energy and the funding to create whatever you need to create.

The Jamm Team

Our focus:


Future of Europe: 5 scenarios

Which is your favourite scenario? The five scenarios presented in the White Paper aim to steer a debate on the future of Europe. They offer a series of glimpses into the potential state of the Union by 2025. Scenarios are illustrative in nature to provoke thinking. They are not detailed blueprints or policy prescriptions.

Vote for each scenario, click here to share your opinion.

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