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We, the people of culture, let our fragmentation reduce our impact on society.
What is the first thing we need to do to reverse this trend? To become a "we"?

A path that connects

One of my heroes, Francisco Varela, gave a talk for 3 hours without notes on, "The necessary pre-conditions for a thought to arise".  It took a while for the answer to come and it was, for me, a profound moment - it was merely the SENSE of separation, not actual separation but just the sense of it.  It is our thoughts that create the challenge, and our thoughts create the reality we operate within for there is no "outside" when we are captured in our thinking.  Artists are amongst our most creative thinkers, and they connect with the ineffable to express their ideas as they translate them into a tangible form through writing, music, painting, film etc., etc.  I seem to have read a great deal in this forum about what separates us and less of the constructive what brings us together.  We are all unique exceptional talents that have much to offer each other.  What is it within that maintains the separation?  Like many of you I have been wounded by society, rejected for being different, sometimes violently in ways that hurt inside.  Eventually I found that the more I held on to the labels and pain, the less able I became.  When I decided to let go of all that and step into the higher reality things changed.  If you sense others as enemies they will behave accordingly.  See them as possible allies that need help to understand you and things change.  So we need to work inside first and then outside to encourage such changes to begin.  There are ways to do this, especially for the artistic, use your talent to persuade, What do you personally offer and how would you change to offer it effectively?

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  • hello all three., I had 2 more jam running parallel to this one. I missed your approaches in this jam: as it would have helped to have this type of dialogue ther. It seems I was a bit isolated doing it, which is odd, because we have plenty of it in here. Maybe next time we could team up?
    • HI again Andres, Yes of course we could team up, praxis as well as poiesis!
  • friendship (from individual to social) is the answer (to human separation)
  • Hi Rex, reading Autopoiesis and Cognition has been one of the most important learning experiences of my life. Varela and Maturana works deserve much more attention and dissemination than ever had.
    • cognition is complex (so not only autopoiesis). I personally think that human cognition is actually more social (since we are zoon politikon). And also, I think - more then poiesis we need PRAXIS
      • Dear Roman, poiesis is praxis.
        • Dear Yorgos. You are wrong. Aristotle considered three basic activities of human being: theoria, poiesis and praxis. Here is basic reference:
          • Aristotle lived thousand years ago and I am sure if he knew how some have being using his words he would have deleted them and kept silent. You are wrong allow me to answer you dear Roman. Aristotle didn't divide these activities held by the human being but he describe them as one. Therefore if we would like to have him as reference answering the questions of this discussion I would suggest to read again carefully and honestly accept what is common and what is not because these are just two sides of the same path. And art may be the arc that may connect these two sides.
            • and right is left ...
            • Just jamm'down guys.
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"Márton HAJDU: promising this idea; we go back to the "how to spread", same way as other EU programs are announced and spread?

I tend to believe more in that option, than TV-vote, despite agreeing with much Tamer Levent said.
However, we all also kn…"
Jul 12, 2017
Tamer Levent replied to Culture Action Europe's discussion Let's talk practice
"<p>Democracy is it self art.Think about art.İt is humans's biological way of to do something.Thinking and doing! This is part of human being.Even whenever,he wasn't  know anything,as a logical and scientificly,he was able to find a resolution for so…"
Jul 12, 2017
rv replied to Culture Action Europe's discussion Let's talk practice
"1. Debate was relevant. I meant to draw our attention to facts & figures, considering the total Eropean and EU populatio vis a vis Culture statistics - cultural employment - Data extracted in December 2016 (;"
Jul 7, 2017
Luciano Gloor replied to Culture Action Europe's discussion Cooperate or corporate: can we offer alternatives for economic development & the future of work?
"I am sorry, I didn't make it earlier. You google "income of artists" and you come across many links.
Find here below some links to data and the debate on artists income in the UK and the US. The US is interesting as Europe perceives the US as the he…"
Jul 7, 2017
Luciano Gloor replied to Culture Action Europe's discussion Comments on scenario 5: Doing much more together
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Jul 7, 2017
Christopher Guest replied to Culture Action Europe's discussion Let's talk practice
"The hierarchy has changed. We now all have a share in each of those 3 roles - community, artist, professional- in varying degrees. But embarrassment or ridicule is still often more comfortable than experimenting with this new situation.
Where art ca…"
Jul 6, 2017
Culture Action Europe replied to Culture Action Europe's discussion Let's talk practice
"Thanks Christopher. Interesting if you can share your experiences on how to (re)connect three point of a triangle you are referring to?"
Jul 6, 2017
Culture Action Europe replied to Culture Action Europe's discussion Let's talk practice
"Thanks! Ideas on how to engage/get artists, cultural operators more interested in such discussions? Or you want to say that the debate in itself was not relevant? Also, could you elaborate on "European citizenship classes"?"
Jul 6, 2017
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