Borrowing the concept from the jazz world, a Jam Session is a multi-faceted event: a debate, an open space, a political resource and a meet-up hub, all wrapped in an 8-hour ephemeral platform.  

Experienced by different types of organisations (from the United Nations to IBM), a Jam Session aims at facilitating collective thinking and interpretations€, collecting inputs from different parts of Europe. It wants to represent a new instrument of exchange and expression for a continent in need of deeper cooperation and understanding. 

Following the successful Jamm'Art 2016 session, Culture Action Europe goes jamming again. This time we think, talk and imagine the future of Europe and the role of culture and the arts in it. 

Following the publication of white paper on the Future of Europe by Juncker commission, Culture Action Europe (CAE) initiated discussion process among cultural operators to contribute to a possible scenario that can guide us into a sustainable future of the European project. The project includes series of interviews with main institutional stakeholders in Brussels (EP, EC, EESC etc.), face-to-face gatherings (CAE hubs) and online discussion (Jamm’Europe) on the future of Europe.

Join Jamm'Europe conversation on the 5th of July! Your voice matters: collectively we can create a scenario that puts culture and the arts at the centre.  

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