Future of Europe: 5 scenarios

The five scenarios presented in the White Paper aims to steer a debate on the future of Europe. They offer a series of glimpses into the potential state of the Union by 2025 depending on the choices we will jointly make. The starting point for each scenario is that the 27 Member States move forward together as a Union. The five scenarios are illustrative in nature to provoke thinking. They are not detailed blueprints or policy prescriptions. Likewise, they deliberately make no mention of legal or institutional processes – the form will follow the function.

In this space you can vote on the five scenarios proposed by the Commission. The White Paper already acknowledges that none of the scenarios will be carried forward as described. Most likely, the way forward will be a “6th scenario” combining those elements that gather greater support from the scenarios proposed. For this reason, it is important to provide your thoughts, proposals and criticism of each scenario when you vote. If you disagree with all the proposed scenarios, do not hesitate to veto all of them!


  • Luciano, I wonder why you began with "Unacceptable"?  Do you mean that carrying on is unacceptable, or my comment regarding the current state.  It seems from your remarks that we are agreement that something different needs to be done and I would fully support the creation of a really informed and transparent discussion on how we establish a European Union that means just that, a union that benefits us all and not a privileged few or one country/group over another.  The critical issue is - how can we inform people of the reality we are now in?  Economics seem to be the main concern, and yet economics are a result of action.  How can we properly value our labour when those involved in the financial world are not transparent on the consequences of their decisions.  Just having spare money seems to create further wealth without effort and the cost of borrowing escalate and impoverish many.  Clarity and transparency are in dire need here.

    • Sorry, Rex ;-), I meant the scenario.

      I fully agree with you, but it's even worse. Our decisions makers in politics, finances and economy have no clue on where we are heading to with regard to the economy and the disappearance of classical productive work. Read my comment to scenario 5, where I write something about the key role that culture and creativity will play in the future.

  • the scenario 1 is unacceptable, as it means denying the crisis of the EU and the large loss of trust in EU institutions among the peoples of Europe. The EU needs to re-establish trust, create democratic legitimation and a transparent lean administration and get rid of bureaucracy for becoming a credible project again. At the same time, the EU needs to re-launch a debate on its very origins and nature: not an economical project, but a political project for peace in Europe. From there, scenarios may be discussed. Discussing scenarios prior to engaging in a fundamental reform process is a farce.

  • I cannot accept this scenario because it is fundamentally flawed by the economic model that underpins it.  I have recently read several books about the global banking system, the economic policies that create such suffering and impoverish many countries, and the desire by a very few, very rich and powerful, to enslave the population for their own ends.  How is it possible that the richest country in the world is so indebted that it is impossible to pay off its debts unless it can devalue the currency through progressive inflationary actions.  The US Federal reserve bank, the World Bank and the European Bank all share the same concepts and this will destroy us.  I have little faith in politicians who do not understand economics and the banking system because in the end it is this that cripples us all.  Why do most people feel that there is corruption at every level of politics?  How can we demand that countries impoverish its people to pay extortionate interest rates on shady deals.  Whilst I believe there are some politicians who seek to change this, there are more willing to go along with the gravy train to wealth and power until the global economic/financial structure collapses, and then I hope there are those willing to make the changes necessary will step forward, not to seize power but to regenerate society with fairer and more egalitarian motives.  This planet has finite resources and we are destroying life on a massive scale already - we need to change before it is too late and nature eliminates the most destructive species on the planet - us humans!

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