• How to make the new Erasmus programme more accessible? Check out the SocialErasmus Charter of Erasmus Student Network. The Charter examines elements that should be the backbone of the new programme, such as integration and inclusion. 

  • There are barriesr for many people to engage in careers in the art. In the UK students are already leaving university with high debt, to then work for nothing and get in more debt is not possible for many people. It is immoral that the sector is propped up by unpaid work and perpetuates a sector that is homogeneous in the way it works, who works in it, and how engages with artists and audiences

  • We must go beyond cultural workers to find solutions to intermittent work, here it is important to change the applied taxation, especially in the countries of southern Europe where this taxation "punishes" self-employed workers. These workers "cracks in the system" to survive, and in the case of women artists or cultural workers, the problem multiplies

  • go and vote in the EP elections...

    Here you can find which national party belongs to which EP party

    National Parliament Europe Map
    With our interactive map of Europe you can find the strongest parties in national polls. We present all poll of polls for all European Counries.
  • We had several great initiatives and projects mentioned in the chat room today !  On music & Ode2Joy, vote4values, theatre. 


    • Indeed, Europa Nostra's President launched the #Ode2Joy challenge for the European Year of Cultural Heritage and renewed his call for contributions for Europe Day on 9 May 2019.

      We were overwhelmed to see the creative and most inspiring contributions to the challenge for Europe Day 2019 - we invite you to browse the compilations to see for yourselves. It's a way to connect with our shared cultural heritage, share our passion and love for the beautiful cultural and natural treasures in Europe with other people. Europa Nostra invites you to join in with your own contribution - all the information is on our website:

      The #Ode2Joy Challenge will again culminate on the symbolic day of 9 May 2019 with the new contributions being revealed. Not only this is Europe Day, but also the day when EU leaders will discuss the Future of Europe at a European Council to be hosted by the Romanian Presidency of the European Union, in the historic city of Sibiu, just two weeks before the European Elections.

      What better occasion to show that culture and cultural heritage matters?

      #Ode2Joy Challenge
      Europa Nostra and its President Maestro Plácido Domingo are inviting citizens from the whole of Europe to participate in the #Ode2Joy Challenge ahead…
  • I have been following today in particular the Education & Research and the Identity discussion. In both sessions it was talked a lot about values and accessibility. How can we make cultural offerings more valuable and accessible to even more people? We need to make clear that innovation and critical thinking are based on creativity, the desire to experiment, on artistic practice and artistic research. And we have to make clear that this is not an elite project, but that this applies to every human being. What we need is an environment in which self-determined personalities can grow up.

  • With Culture Solutions we focus on the external dimension of cultural policies as an independent. and non partisan voice. We aim to contribute to the excellence of EU international cultural relations :  clarify and contribute to debates on European identities, cultural diplomacy & cultural relations, the question of a European cultural model of internet governance and the question of interculturality. 

    Monitoring, analysing and contributing to policies, produce commons, opening spaces for trust-building and dialogue. Sharing information, exchanging know-how. 

    What is your organisation doing to address rights, values and identities in Europe ? Experiences to share, projects to mention, quotes giving hope and enthusiasm? 

    Join us, follow us !  @culturesolutionsEU @culturesol_eu

  • Any concrete ideas how to: 

    1. Make sure that the fundamental values inherent to the EU are protected in today's Europe? 
    2. How to continue nurturing multiculturalism in Europe in the era of refugee/migrant crisis?
    3. How to spread the idea of common rights and values in areas with fewer opportunities for mobility?
    • What about mission and value based investment instead of growth for growth sake? 

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