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  • Hello,

    Culture must help to remember to the EU Commission president that European’s democratic mandate is given only to European Parliament.

    While some of  the European institutions do not result from elections, we will be the ’third state’ supporting european ‘economic and finance liders’

    Thanks to all of you for your contributions to which I'm learning a lot

    • Hello, I think that is wrong. The Council and European Council has just as much democratic mandate as the EP, and in fact I believe it has much more... After all, most ppl can name their prime minister, but not too many can name the EP president...
       The only EU institution that doesnt result from election is the Commission - albeit it is vaguely linked to the EP elections and national elections through the selection of its members. 

  • There was a Constitution for Europe and EFAH (CAE) and Europa Nostra represented the cultural sector in the consultations with the civil society. The Constitution was rejected by French and Dutch citizens. I do not think today is the moment to represent this project given the lack of trust in political institutions, in the democratic process (elections, referendum). It is the time, in my vision, for getting back to the field, reaching out to social and education NGOs and organisations, connect with neighbourhoods, facilitate the encounters between artists, cultural institutions and citizens. I think it is the time for consolidate the foundations of our Union, remind everybody that Liberté means tolerance, Egalité means inclusive and sustainable and Fraternité means to be open.

    • Yes, Ioana - but it is never too late to begin to work on a future scenario - and, why not the idea of a European constitution. I remember the time, being a young student then and the idea of Europe sounded good, but was far away - too far, to realize what it really could mean.

    • the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - which is of course linked to European values - was ratified by the Lisbon Treaty, but everyday people do not really know it... 


    • for those who want to read it themselves:

      EUR-Lex - 12012P/TXT - EN - EUR-Lex
    • Yes indeed and you get back to something that was mentioned in another thread to "teaching the EU"

    • yes, "teach them EU" and what "U" stands for well informed citizens, stronger, fairer, better Europe (allow me to underline another comment from that other thread-forum, referring to a recent study that underlines the role of culture democratization

      "Promoting cultural capabilities here involves providing conditions in which people can exercise  their voices – individually and collectively – and do so in a way that is explicitly connected  to considerations of place making and local identity."

      in  "Towards cultural democracy: Promoting cultural capabilities for everyone" New report from King's College London, at;

      Summary Findings from page 55.

    • Democracy needs well informed citizens. And yes that should start early

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