What is a Jam Session?
Borrowing the concept from the jazz world, a Jam Session is an event, a web site, an open space, a tool, an online discussion. Already experienced by different types of organisations (from the United Nations to IBM), a Jam Session is organised to facilitate exchange among participants around "always evolving" topics, with the goal of collectively tackling them in a defined period of time.


What is Jamm'Europe?

Following the publication of white paper on the Future of Europe by Juncker commission, Culture Action Europe (CAE) initiated discussion process among cultural operators to contribute to a possible scenario that can guide us into a sustainable future of the European project. The project includes series of interviews with main institutional stakeholders in Brussels (EP, EC, EESC etc.), face-to-face gatherings (CAE hubs) and online discussion (Jamm’Europe) on the future of Europe.

Jamm'Europe is an online gathering for the CAE community and the wider public to re-think Europe in this crucial moment. Collectively, we want to shape a cultural scenario, take the pulse of the cultural sector from Europe and beyond and facilitate a truly dynamic conversation in this historical moment.


How does a Jamm'Europe work?
Jamm'Europe happens in a web-platform that allows multiple activities and conversations to run in parallel. During 8 hours, everybody is welcome online to reply to messages and discussions, engage in activities and conversations. A group of facilitators (offline & online) will allow conversations to be moved forward. For more in-depth conversations, special guests will be invited to participate in "Experts' windows". For a definite period of time (30'), you will have the opportunity to pose them your questions or share your ideas.


What do I need in order to join?
You only need a device connected to the Internet.

But, isn't it a simple forum?
It is much more: it is a highly interactive online discussion!

Can I post in my own language?
The main language will be English but all languages are welcome! The platform allows a simple translation of each post and contribution.

Should I only write?
You can also upload videos, files, etc.but remember that words are easier to read and quicker to reply to...


Can I connect with people participating in the jam session?
Sure! You can directly connect and contact those participating in the discussions online by clicking on their names, visiting their profiles and sending them messages. 


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