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We, the people of culture, let our fragmentation reduce our impact on society.
What is the first thing we need to do to reverse this trend? To become a "we"?

Diversity of our voices

We may be dispersed, fragmented maybe, but we are diverse too so let's try not lose the diversity of our voices (languages and points of view) for the sake of unity that would « guarantee » our « impact »….Could we organise synchronised events, public meetings across continents? This requires planning and technological skills, but would give space for different voices while providing impact at a given, strategic moment. Whatdoyoufink? and of course would have to be very careful about the way it is done so we are not censored or don't endanger our fellows!!

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  • Living in Morocco to manage thé mediterranean workshop meditalents, I can see how éducation is important. 1/3 of The population does not write or read. Few are really educated. University teachers in Cinema cursus tell me that there students are not abble to make analysis and argue because they where not prepare to that. When I receive projects of feature films from mediterranean emerging filmmakers, there is a huge gap between those who come from the north bank and those who come from the south bank, And I am desparate. When I see the Moroccan gvt cutting skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, how can it's Youth be in contact with the world through discussions ? We have to help when there is a sollicitation for that at so many levels...
    • Hi Didier, nice to hear you. Only yesterday one of the jammers shared a link about the protests in Egypt this week which clearly depicted the repression going on there not only through imprisoning protesters but also cutting communication channels as you mention. So yes, we are dispersed and actually "divided" because of the imposed barriers. At the same time, you rightly point out that there is sollicitation. Another blogger yesterday, I think it was Jana from Culture Agora also mentioned that plea for social change. I don't have any ready made solution and don't want to have because I'm sure it would be full of preconceived mishaps but surely we could address this technical dilemma i.e.. how can we get over the imposed barriers to be a wider "WE" ?...still thinking....
  • Do I understand correctly that what you mean is to organise events sparkling from this three day jamming event?

    If so, we could organise them, yes. But is it not easier to mobilize events with people you already know you can trust, who you know for their dedication, passion etc.? I mean, for what I know, who are you people here, do you really care for art and culture? People tend to say many things in the hypothetical terms of online discussions, but when it comes to actions in the real world, it often falls flat.

    However, saying this: count me in, if you start to mobilize.
    • Hi Alice, Yes the idea came to me because I'm in a project with some partners and we are going to be doing this next February with some international artists in Sweden, Greece, Poland and Italy and technically it is feasible. Indeed, you are right we have to build up trust and meet the people and this requires affinities too, absolutely. So we do we need affinities before we synchronise ourselves ? I guess you are right, at least the more affinities we have the more synchronized we can be, no ? Thanks for agreeing to be counted in. Hope we can meet!!!!
      • During last years I was involved in projects facilitating dialogue with Russian artists, which was quite problematic after the Russian occupation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine. It was a challange. In that time Poland cancelled a program of so called Polish cultural year in Russia and Russian cultural year in Poland. There was only a hostage on both sides...
        But now, I think, we have everything what is possible to be in contact with Arabian artists. I am afraid we know very little about their culture, basing on stereotypes. And the world around us is changing...
        • What would you like TO do with arabian artists ? Wich contacts would you like TO have ?
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