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We, the people of culture, let our fragmentation reduce our impact on society.
What is the first thing we need to do to reverse this trend? To become a "we"?

Fragmented? No just selfish

You people sitting in Gdansk, you should know that not long ago there, at the shipyard, the workers came together and triggered the fall of the soviets' empire.

Callous hands, empty pocket, no rights, possibly ignorant but determined to end their sufferance. The intellectuals and artist joined, some of them.

Not so different was Paris in 1789, or in Petrograd in 1917.  In any case Majakovskij as the others exposed themselves to the tyrants' fire.

Vaclav Havel joined up the Prague's spring in 1968 and aired the story ending banned form the theater, Jean Paul Sartre fought the Nazis as combatant of the French resistance, Antoni Gramsci died in jail to oppose Mussolini. Many many more lesser known artists and intellectuals fought and lost their freedom or life.

I don't see anything similar today. Just a few, each in his/her solitude, engaging in titanic combats.

Why? Less important problems today? Climate change, humanitarian disasters, wars next door, rights wiped away here and there, ....

Dear hermits of the XXI century, get your hands dirty, join your fellows  that already do it, be they artists, intellectuals or doctors, bakers, plumbers, mothers and fathers, students, .... and make some use of your supposed talents.

Or be ashamed.

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  • I am sure that if revolutions could be fought by internet klicks, we would have loads of them.
    A german sociologist (I think Harald Welzer) wrote, that the reason why we don't have revolutions like in the 19th or 20th century is private television. The selfie is probably the follow-up to that. We devolved in to clients and consumers. Consumers are not allowed to revolt. They can only complain.
    • Watch what happens in the world ! no revolution, only click ? Internet is a part of the actual revolution, and generate more than only clicks, whatch live people on periscope in Paris, watch all the new digital art in Vimeo, watch people in the street, read the group and social action plan on facebook. Private television, football, are not the cause they are the effect because most of the artist and intellectuel spit on the new tools and on public that they consider like dummies.
      • Participation. You talk about that in fact, and that is a revolution..we have seen what's happened in Spain with new parties that began on participation items.
        And I am going to say something that can be misunderstand:
        For me one (ONLY ONE) reason and MAIN methogology of european taking part of daech is participation- pertenence - approtiation system, against OLD speechs of an old Europe that only gives slogans that nobody feels as own, but obligatory values...
        Why I say that in this item ? we have to see the way participation is working in the world instead great words from old times, because terrorists are arriving people more than artists... so learn from them (methodology of course !)!
        • I am not afraid about terrorist i am an artist i am a resistant.
          • Jjjj i put word: terrorist and didn't read what i was talking... was obvious was going to happen reflect about your reaction about a slogan... a practical demostration your answer
          • You may not, I may not. None the less many are and on their fear proto-fascist decision are taken.
            I love Spain and it is inspirational, and the Catalans or the Scottish trying to get rid of their oppressors.
            Participation. Yea, good, wonderful. When then the participants grab the besom to tide up a bit our public life. The air is unbreathable. We just wait a little more and we all die chocked.
    • I follow your point.
      "...problems today? Climate change, humanitarian disasters, wars next door, rights wiped away here and there"
      Who said that are that our problems ?... football is not enough to make people be funny?
      But that fashion items are followed by artist mainly because is neccesary to obtain budget form intitutions that create and followed that items and are inside campaings with thet priorities every year ..
      • I don't get you.
        You say: Who said that are that our problems?
        Do you mean that they are not our problems? Or what? Clarify pls
        • I say they are only ones from a list, veeery big, and that actual list is made by power decisions and artists follow that selection as truths, campaigns, exhibitoons warming..., because the call of proposals versus money are in institutions hands..artist like dogs are following money without reflect
      • the way of deactivate people is giving something easy, slogan, to make it them responsable of... intelectuals must stop and deconstruct speech
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