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We, the people of culture, let our fragmentation reduce our impact on society.
What is the first thing we need to do to reverse this trend? To become a "we"?

Let's refuse something sometimes...

How to become "we" ? We might reach a professional status after refusing to play for free, or for promotional benefit only. Except in exceptional cases, like a benefit concert, or to honour a friend we love very much...Nowadays, at least in the Netherlands, lots of musicians and bands almost dare not ask for money by fear they will no longer be invited to appear on stage. So in stead of fearing, let's start refusing to be afraid. We might not play for a while, that's true, what is an empty stage good for ?

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  • In Denmark we have too little live music, i think. It's too expensive to pay them, and the solution - for ie a food festival, a flee market etc - is to use a dj. However there are so many great musicians out there. The first problem is that everything is too expensive in this country. In my analysis this stems from the fact that we pay WAY TOO MUCH for housing. The second problem is inherent in the way we think music, and art in general. We think of it as a product that's supposed to be consumed by an audience. Instead of thinking art as a process involving all kinds of people. Ie the artist as facilitator and not an isolated expert
    • Same in Italy, Casper. And in Italy we are also living another problem: people are not used anymore to listen (or participate) to new music. They prefer cover bands... :-/
  • It's not only the musicians who have this problem. Also the not performing artists have the same problem. How to solve this, I really don't know. There is always someone who takes you place. There is always someone who pays to show his 'art'. I refuse, I refuse to work for nothing, I refuse to show my works in non commercial areas for free, I refuse to pay for an exhibition. I know a few of my colleagues are doing the same, but there are to few and I do need money to create, to live and pay my bills.
    • if you don't need any money, in this case there is no problem, you can show up in other place that you create, for free. By the way if you don't need money why you don't show up for free ? No need money for create but want to be pay for show up ? can you make your point of view more clear ?
      • I wish I were in the privileged situation that I don't need money.

        Let me give you an example. This year I have been asked to create a series of paintings according to particular subject for a museum. I was honoured that I'd been asked. The exhibition would be seen for 6 months and I wasn't allowed to show the prizes I wanted for the works. To create the series would take me about 4 months and would be a rather big investment. The museum wasn't able to pay me for the time, materials, shipping costs, etc. They pay the staff, the chairmen, the person who does the pr, printing, the person who cleans etc. etc. Should I work for the honour?
        My bookkeeper doesn't work for free, when I go to the grocers I need to pay, when I want a internet connection I'm expected to pay, so why should I work for free?
        • Don't think as a grocery think as an artist ;-)
          • I also have a account book and also need to make a profit. There is not such a huge a difference in thinking. The difference is that he gets a fair price for his goods.
        • That's really far out. The grants I get from the Danish Arts Foundation (state level) are always paid late. Sometimes I have to wait for months for my money. If I wait for months with paying my rent, I'll get kicked out. Somehow ironic to play the role of the State's bank (at zero percent interest btw)
          • It's problems that all worker have, money in the end of the month ... it's not only " worker artistic people " problem, try to figure out a family ( not in art work bizness ), waiting for money from institution because they loose their job, it's the same in fact ... You need to complain to a syndicate maybe ^^ or make strike ^^
  • It's an old way of thinking that you need to be pay for playing music, or show up any form of art, there is many other economical way to win money, if you need some. The world is changing all expression, art, music, theatre , need to change their view of economical aspect too. Let's refuse that old world block new world. There is crowfunding, participation, sharing, donation, and many other way to get money if you need some

    Solution appears and can be apply to a stage also i think, Example:
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