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The focus:

We, the people of culture, let our fragmentation reduce our impact on society.
What is the first thing we need to do to reverse this trend? To become a "we"?

The Unknown University: (stolen/reworked )

1  a red herring - the report that's going around - the UK is very good at these - it probably has value but I haven't read it yet

the following notes as imaginary stages before anything else happens:

2  there are many organisations that gather and reflect on the European situations of arts + culture 

we probably align or occasionally discover or only know a small part of that at any given time

3 is Facebook still the main space of sharing and finding out broad connections - thats pretty amazing

that art + culture channels so effectively through social media - or does it - i notice that the events in my fb feed are numerous, even too numerous, wonderful and worrying

4  i would need a lot of time to engage further in what has been addressed here over these past few days and produced in this initiative

so i will also be dependent on any summaries and reporting back that takes place

those who have managed to dedicate themselves to being here i congratulate and thank in my absence 

5 the project might highlight who can take the time and commitment to sustain the deeper conversational aspects

those mostly with a professional interest or is it a wider range

6 i don't really like the name JAMM'ART but i'd like to think the central idea conceived here of a space (local spaces) for debate and exchange  that is not a social media platform could sustain

how could this happen, what is the future of online, of networks, of information overload, of relevancy, of the unknown thinker having a voice alongside the activist, the amateur with the professional

7 the impossibility to know everything, see everything is quite stressful, that we might miss something but we will become overloaded and systematically misinformed with divisive global political propaganda and actions we neither approve or solicit, constantly driven into the wrong engagement, reacting

time is running faster and work no longer pays for many, how is the inefficiency of institutional practices around culture going to become radically re orientated and enhanced without the fear of a descent into chaos, extreme planning and the desire for originality rapidly arriving as a default anyway, forget the art market here

8 i'm still thinking about this one and it involves an answer, but there are no answers at this stage, or many answers and thoughts and so many amazing actions and energy - but one clear answer would be tempting to imagine was possible

i would then probably choose to read a book, or poem or visit some of my favourite artworks, wander in the city without thinking, visit the flea market when it is the stages of clearing and just as the cleaners arrive, listen to music, end up in my studio to work, not isolated or out of touch, no romance - harsh reality of how to conceive a sustainable engagement, not to become distracted by the essential communal participation of daily life and not to professionalise absolutely everything, many threads around social practice or directly political, process based practices require vast amounts of time in affective labour, unpaid, gifted, unsupported, not a happy place, but determined people 

we probably all do enough already and we'd probably like to be doing more, should we in fact do less, ease off, try less, reflect on the generosity of colleagues, spend less time online and strengthen local action instead, face to face, something tangible, something still unknown and human, what more is there to do, what would be different

9 this is full of error and mistake, unthought out and risk, i'm posting it anyway, into the abyss, and connected to what i was reading yesterday from Christian Gomez-Moya in the publication Magic Block - the 'syndrome of a  blackened-out material', secrets, dreams, the violent catastrophe, our imperfections  - because we are also always working on what is unknown to us, hidden and that which we seek to reveal, that needs to become visible and maybe even shared   

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  • "spend less time online and strengthen local action instead, face to face, something tangible, something still unknown and human, what more is there to do, what would be different"...
    I am thinking to myself if this will ever be possible. Of course, I realize every human being, every community has their own characteristics, but the general trend is being adsorbed, consumed even I might say by the virtual news, entertainment, apps, communications, romances, collaborations, and apps occurring on mobiles, tablets, laptops...Can change ever be induced, revolution be fought on our computer screens?
  • Oh - and now I am going to a Circus :)
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