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The focus:

We, the people of culture, let our fragmentation reduce our impact on society.
What is the first thing we need to do to reverse this trend? To become a "we"?


We are arranging a political picnic based around the arts community and would invite you to join us!

The idea is that the art community will gather at speaker's corner on June 12th for a picnic and a return to the basics of free speech and discussion, pre referendum.

The premise is that at the very time when when we most need to be talking to each other about the complex and challenging issues facing us free expression is under threat.

The goal would be solution based i.e. if the issues of the referendum are inverted and seen not as problems but as challenges then this is where the art community could truly come into its own with creative ideas.

An example might be: We are facing pressure on housing with increased migration, what if a group of speakers presented their ideas on micro pods for temporary accommodation etc?

There are innumerable subjects that could be covered. We are currently in discussion with the art party and a number of art colleges.

We see the picnic as a raw event of presentation and lively banter. Each speaker will be provided with a plinth, banner and megaphone. ( No barriers/protection). This will provide plenty of visuals for press exposure and dispersal .
( We have professional photographers / filmmakers on board)

The end goal would be a collation of solutions and ideas in web based form. This could be achieved by filming the speakers however ad hoc. We will also be asking speakers to sign up on the political art picnic website so that they can later add more substantive writing around their ideas. The website will be live next week. 

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