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The focus:

We, the people of culture, let our fragmentation reduce our impact on society.
What is the first thing we need to do to reverse this trend? To become a "we"?

A sort of space like this could create a bridge to bring art & beauty in our ordinary life, to provide as well a sense of concreteness more immediate and applicable. I am not an artist at all but I am deeply convinced of its great function and meaning for our growth as community and human beings. Each one of us has some slices of art but it's very difficult to share them with other of to bring them to life and to see haw those could become part and improve the quality of our daily life.

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  • See my post earlier-ThePeoplesPoliticalPicnic as a possible starting point!
  • A sort of Scientifique café or Philosophie café, it's near this idea, you can make it in digital and or in real café.
  • That's a very good idea, Alberto. What about opening a space, a cafe, where anyone could come anytime and be creative? A kind of playground for adults. Where artists could go and facilitate happenings/workshops, where anyone could go and pitch an idea, try something out, or simply play with colors, words, sounds, movements, etc.?
    • You are my man! :-))))))))
      There is something we could learn from: Fun Palaces in UK. Do you know them?
  • Would it be possible ... perhaps ... for sure ... but I think a great challenge is to activate 'normal citizens' artistic consciousness and trust themselves to reveal their artistic attitude. We are working on an initiative to bring art created by immigrants of different backgrounds into the public domain. I hope to dig deeper into what happens when the public meet with this art ...
    • I listen to those ideas, but i think that motivate "normal citizens" is one idea which is years and years present in practice. There are many workshops, as creative therapies..... or just for joy of creation. We want to show , with visible results, that art is important to visualise the way to better society.t
      New homeless who will join the ceramic older people with too small budget, who will learn something more about democracy...or using internet banking this going to change position of first?
      or another group?
      • To motivate is quite different to to activate.
        And I absolutely understand what you want to show. Yes!
  • I connect to what Bel was saying in another post: this might be the kind of evolution we need to reach critical masses that allow the movement to spread. I don't think the purpose of the movement needs to be identified precisely a priori. we should follow the evolution and the beauty of what comes out.
    • I think is not possible to make movement as a boy bend. There must be a strong idea ...and e
      we in our group, art. org. PUBLIC SPACE, we have it
    • I think there should be strong narrative, visually appealing to many. I am graphic
      artist and think that if some idea must reach everybody must be good one. I want to make magazine which would be sold on streets. in it would be work of artists and thinkers. In it the story as glue for readers, story about changing the world with changing the financial models which would result in better life for wars, no economical inequality, no need to except and integrate refugees since there will be no refugees, no unemployed, no famine, etc. It is speculative fiction, but also brainstorming experiment. With this story I want to put artistic perspective in every day discussion, in focus...since I think art and artists are in the margin of the society. I would like to establish l teams in each EU country . Who wants to work with me on this international project?
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