Live Online Dialogue

cultureeurope live online debate is an 8-hour long online discussion between citizens and key EU policy makers, including MEP candidates. The live online debate consists of four chat rooms on a variety of topics focusing on key issues related to the future of Europe. Each room is moderated and invigorated by discussion activators for the duration of the session.

The cultureeurope live online debate will bring together MEPs and key EU figures to discuss their positions on the future of Europe - and the future of culture in Europe - with EU citizens. Through the live forum, voters will be able to interact directly with their representatives and explore their views on these highly important issues.

Join live online debate on the 25th of April, 2019, from 10am to 6 pm, because your voice matters!

The cultureeurope live online debate will take place on the same day as the final event of the BOZAR project Next Generation, please. The project brings together young people, artists and politicians to write a new chapter in the European story. How does this generation see Europe? Does it have enough faith in the European story or has the existential crisis of the union dealt a fatal blow to the European dream? This takes place through a morning of roundtable discussions, leading to the development of a Youth Manifesto.

Live Online Dialogue is part of Culture Action Europe's EP Elections 2019 Campaign.

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