Discussions of Day 2

Day 2 • afternoon jam up
Main questions emerged on this thread from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm

  • Can artists get organised without being institutionalised?

  • Should artists minorities, specifically women, be given more space in the public debate to engage social change?

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  • Artist Statement: All my work is about atheism, death, competition, bonding, density, and utopia.


    https://www.facebook.com/COMMUNITASFJM #COMMUNITAS

    Communitas is part of my art practice

    1. a downtown Manhattan creative think tank and salon;

    2. a pandisciplinary arts collective;

    3. a future global arts movement and civilization


       More on #COMMUNITAS

    Created by Frank J Miles.

    Communitas is a creative think tank, a cutting-edge collective forging the next rebellion in art for New York and beyond.


    Communitas, a creative think tank, anticipates a new cultural topography, offering a refraction of the times we are moving toward. We continue the tradition of a Downtown Manhattan participatory social practice, congregating with evolving ideas in art, aesthetics, optimism, pacifism, iconoclasm, thought, imagination, vanguardism, and New York City. Our salon, a symposium of social sculpture and the occurrent arts, brings together collaborators from the many worlds of New York City and beyond to create the next artistic rebellion for the city. We welcome a panhumanist spectrum of creative voices engaging in dialogical aesthetics and art intervention: voices bringing people together to open more worlds, make beauty and magic, create peace and freedom, and be more futurist than nostalgic to build a united tomorrow not equal but egalitarian.

    • Great to see you here Frank! I love your ideas and approach!

  • We need to occupy all the new space in virtual world, in digital platform, in social network, in the street, in nature Art need to be everywhere in order to break the wall, change the mind and bring colors where there is only black and white view.

    "Dans la rue la musique ! mus es ein es mus ein "

  • Je ne savais pas qu'on plaçait encore les artistes selon les genres ? Pourquoi parler de minorité pour les femmes alors qu'elles sont en large majorité ? Numérique et artistique . Je suis d'accord pour dire que nous utilisons cette invisibilité pour nous reproduire dans l'ombre et créer ces chaînes indestructibles de femmes artistes qui certes pourront réagir si besoin!
    Cependant, je ne vois toujours pas comment l'absence de pendants d'oreilles et autres attributs influe sur l'intention artistique?
    • You can choose to ignore the fact that women's opinions are suppressed from public discourse, but that doesn't change that fact that, despite being 51% of population, we don't take effective part in decision-making.

      Women of any walk of life get paid 24% less than their male counterparts and spend 3 hours longer on housework everyday. So, we have less money and less time to devote to our work as artists. Men artists win most of the prizes and make up most of the juries, despite the growing number of women artists.

      So yes, being classified as a man or a woman (weather you wear earrings or not) does make a difference in how able you are to find time to work on your art, how many opportunities you have to share your art in significant forums and how your work is considered.

  • Artists and intellectuals contribute to societal change.

    We contribute heavily by our works.


    Generally, we are in advance, innovative.

    As women, we are invisible, this is a very interesting skill.

    The problem, even in this debate, is that more people discuss, go to forums than ... read us.

    Read = change for ever

    Change needs an act. It is not enough just talking about change, change has to be acted. Thanks.


  • Taking about "change" in our specific point of view as ODBK.tk (Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts) see that Art and Art Market are so interweave that for the masses very easy take one for the other, is also necessary to detach one from the other. From other side the "institution" thinks that is not part of the art market because they don't sell art but is the other way around they are a stone where the art market is established. What we know as art has been defined and build by the current neoliberal system. And as the neoliberal system dictates the "white male heterosexual" dominance is the one who establish the who is important using the institution as mechanism. So we think (the odbk) that establishing a new economic system based in the PARECON model would be a post capitalsm option to offer an equal distribution of the opportunities, income and wealth for artists and many other minorities. 

    • Interesting point of view, David. 

      But then again: Is it really the art market? I really doubt that.
      The Art World is very diversified and the market itself plays a more and more marginal role.
      This might be the point of view from a country where most of the public funding is only distributed via institutions and it is institutions (and in that case as well the market) define the system - as it is in Germany. But this is not the case in general anymore.

      The art market itself had its big blooming times during and after the so called financial crisis - and it became clear that it might be better to hide not-taxed money as art works. But as well this specialized market is going down - for example: the raid of the tax-free storage hall in Geneva some weeks ago as a result of the Panama Papers. The art market itself is a more and more a mere power game under some very wealthy gallerists and some very wealthy collectors - who would think that this really has an impact?

      What is the PARECON model btw.?

    • You can easily add the link directly when you write David - just as a recommendation.

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