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Day 2 • afternoon jam up
Main questions emerged on this thread from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm

  • By their individual status as “artist” or “intellectual”, is the world of art, like atoms, detached from the idea of community or commonality?

  • Are people who can afford to create and think necessarily privileged? Can privileged people produce inclusive/democratic art and engender change?

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  • Today in france young  people  were fighting  against  the liberal-fascist  new  laws making  work more  precarious  and  reducing  rights  to  the  working  people - the bureaucrats  however  are untouched  because  they  are  the  guarantee  for  the  implementation of  the  new  world order  of  the billionaires.

    Why  are  artists  unable  to  gather   and  fight  for  their rights? because  the  regime was  successful in destroying  the  corps  atistique  as  a critical  mass  commenting  society.


  • Maybe artists do not change any thing , except their own life. Art may change day-to-day behavioral patterns.

    • Yes! But maybe by changing their own life and how they live in the world, they actually do change the world too. Even a little bit.

      Artists leave traces that may not change the entire world at once but they can affect someone by touching his/her heart, impeding an idea, make him/her wonder, question or by offering an escape of reality and allowing him/her to dream!

  • Would like to share a video we created on the role of art in our society! Comments welcome :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4AG2NmquQ4 ;

    • Thanks for sharing, Eleni. I like it. But again it's a quite big issues when speaking about 'making art for' somebody. Yesterday I was quoting Schopenhauer on the role of art, on the fact that art should not have any purposes except that make us 'less suffering'.

      Do you think you can produce art which goes beyond the capitalist circles? I personally don't think so. It is very interesting to see on this issues for example what the street artist Blu did with his works in Bologna. Do you think he succeeded in escaping the 'capitalistic machine' or do you see it as yet another performance? 


    • I liked  your video, well  done. Sharp, structured, not  boring. Prsenting  a position. This  is  where I  rather  disagree. I  dont  think  that  hanging   chinese  made  tennis shoes  on a string  is  "art". it is   sort of  entertainment for  young ( culturally relatively uneducated) people. Thes  endles  "graffitis"  saying  no  thing...   A  nightmare. but this is  what  the  regime wants : une masse  de  simplets.  Simpleminded  passive   consumers  of visual sensations.  The  European heritage  is  something else...


  • Hi to all jammers from #CaeinItalia. Here in Rome we are discussing culture and community, citizenship rights and sustainable development. #CREAction
    • And what are you saying?

  • In 1998 we were organizing the Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, in a very poor, neglected distric Dolne Miasto (Lower City). It was situated in a former bathhouse and it was to be the 1st culture institution in this neighbourhood. We were aware of this specific situation and from the begining we decided we didn't want to be an isolated elitist island meant only for artists. So we organized a program addressed to our neighbours, it was called Social Sculpture and it consisted of different workshops based on local problems but trying to solve them with tools of art.

    Anyway for many years relationships with our neighbours were very tense. Twice they tried to fire our hose, they kept puncturing tires of our cars, they attacked a Croatian artist - our guest - and robbed her camera etc. In winter, when days are short, we were afraid to get off the building when going home. But we kept working. Adults were ignoring our invitations for the workshops. But their children and grand-children were coming. And their parents and grand-parents could learn what was our activity like and that they also could profit of it. Slowly, slowly ice began to crack. Now,, 18 years after establishing Laznia, we are already on friendly level with the neighbour and we are member of a partnership with them. So it works but it is a process...

    • True. It takes a LOT of time --- and concerted patience and way to get them IN! Good job Agnieszka! I have been working on and off on such for a few years, to expand the art public beyond our mikited "elite" without doing simple media-event things which can be pandering and (looked at intellectually) an kind of kitsch. How to get, almost quietly, to people who then feel comfortable. Alex writing below does that very well in he and his partner's art. I did one recently you might enjoy: http://www.markstaffbrandl.com/hood.html

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