The point of view of Bel

Don't you think

We get online. We read and we think and we reply and we think and we read and we react and... Then we stop for coffee, for lunch, for a cigarette. And we talk. About what we’ve been reading, and thinking, and replying.

-Have you seen the guy who said…?

-Oh, yes! But don’t you think that…?

And it feels like no, I can’t think anymore.

We’ve been reading, thinking, discussin, live and online. We’ve been talking about artists and change and society for like feels since for ever. And, honestly, I think we all need some time to process it all.

I can imagine myself lying on the beach in a couple of months, eyes closed, light breeze on my skin. I can imagine the coin suddenly dropping, and me jumping off the towel and going “of course!”.

This forum will be closed then, but the ideas I don’t yet know it has given me will continue to grow, to spring, to burst.

I wish you’ll be somewhere I can reach you then to talk about them. I wish I won’t be lying alone on the beach.

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