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Keep on jammin'

I’ve been jammin' for 2 days and it is a great experience to be dialoguing with people you don’t necessarily know from different countries about a topic you find really important! I hope Culture Action Europe can do this again, and again. It's a great way to communicate and try to understand others not only in Europe but across the planet. I want to have dialectic discussions with everyone, opposing my ideas and backing them up as much as possible by philosophical, political and ethical references so that we start making headway as far as possible. I am curious and I want to travel (physically this time!!) to see the truth for myself. I’ve always been critical of what I read in the newspapers and I want to question everything that I might think I believe. Critical thinking and practicing art forms, whether dance, music, writing are emancipatory experiences that should be given to everyone and becomes part of our common culture just as vital for society as health care, housing, clean water. When someone tries to take that culture away from you, you know that you are losing something really precious and important, limiting your own expression. Censoring art in order to preserve society is nonsense. It is only when you exercice your freedom, that you make society (quote from Michael Sandall). Let's keep jammin'! 

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