The point of view of Christopher

Day 2: steps / concrete / action

Like someone stepping clunkilly on the toes of their dance partner, in my previous blog post I sent out the weight of my frustrations and aspirations into the collective space...The second day gave those of us working on the event actually located in Gdansk a chance to try out a participory project (for want of better words), which has been pulled together quickly. I am very grateful to the people and organisations who made it possible. It unfolded as an experience which was not immediately comprehensible, but I trust that there were moments of new insight for everyone. Those whisperings are so important to listen to when creating something new.It was a combination of discussion, looking, making, music and bodywork. The participants had to overcome language barriers, plunge into something pretty unexpected, and face complicated problems all with a very limited amount of time. I appreciate their trust and their entering into the adventure.More to follow...
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