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49h later

I came to Gdansk to experiment if important discussion can be done by many dedicating a bit of their time along a period of 72h.

I was excited and concerned as well. What I was really supposed to do? How does a jam session work? Can it really work? How many and who will decide to join? Am I expected to work around the clock? ...

After 49h I learnt a lot and got many answers. I also discover that this is a very challenging exercise. 

I'm normally good at listening people views and connecting the dots.

I find the exercise much more challenging here: the discourses are fragmented, go in parallel and plait combining threads like that ............

It is difficult to be short and readable though connect the threads.

It is demanding, mentally and physically. 

It is enriching, I will later understand how but I strongly sense it is.

Let see if I make the 72h "alive" but surely I will be happy for having been part of it.

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10 hours later

We started at 9am, hesitants, curiouses, a bit like kids at their first steps. For us all a new experience here in the "control" room. Half of an experiment, half a bet. We are "dominated" by a screen telling us how many else are jamming with us. Notwithstanding we don't look at it, following the conversation is very demanding. It is hard to say where it lead but is already clear that is a super rich and enriching piece of work. We are over a thousand active participants. Is that big, is that small? Hard to say. More importantly to me is the impression of a very sophisticated conversation and highly engaged people.

Here in Gdansk (Poland) in the control room we are 12 I think, 5 blogging and 7 supporting tech, graphic, dissemination, ... In the end these 7 are making it possible, we 5 just expose ourselves to the public scorn, but ... is such a pleasure :-)

It is though, exhausting but fun share in great company. 

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