The point of view of Nicholas

Summing up, making sense

Well in the 3rd day already and trying to configure the event so as to be able to accommodate any kind of visitors, from none (we need to take this possibility into account as this is a three-day weekend) to several, coming and going. Three "hubs", three working stations attempting to sum up our experiment: a hybrid one close to the St John's entrance where I am writing from. This is meant to allow anyone curious to make the connections -via a large computer screen- showing what I write and search on my computer as I "jamm" reading others' thoughts in the Jamm'Art webpage. a physical one, the tent where Christopher engages visitors in clay work the "operations platform" where the team is working, following what is being written and trying to make sense out of it, preparing the next steps, the visuals and the summing up of all this... People may come and go as they please, experiencing each one of these hubs, and participating in informal discussions on the Jamm'Art questions and/or the two local questions that emerged from yesterday's postit notes: What in your opinion are the connections between Artists, Society and responsibity? How in your opinion is the identity of an artist shaped today?

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